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Conditions Treated

Nearly 38 percent of American adults and 12 percent of children use some form of holistic medicine, according to a 2015 publication from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine.  Being one of the most used complementary therapies, Chinese medicine is very successful in addressing children's issues. Children's young bodies are growing so rapidly that it is easy to affect change using minimal interventions and Chinese medicine theory. A gentle, individualized treatment strategy can be created to support both the child and family.  I interpret each individual's unique set of symptoms related to their diagnosis and treat accordingly. Listed below are some of the health concerns that can be addressed with acupuncture.  If you are wondering if acupuncture is a good fit for your child, please contact me and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

distracted boy

ADHD, ADD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders

​Chinese Medicine is a wonderful support for a family and child doing OT, PT or speech therapy and outside practitioners often notice the child's accelerated improvement.

tween aged girl

Beginning Menstruation Issues

Often when menstruation begins for young women cycles may be painful, too long, too short, or too heavy.  A study done in 2011 found that 33% of teens are on "the pill" to address these issues. Chinese Medicine offers a natural way to bring balance and help teenage women get their cycles regulated and pain-free without drugs.

boy holding his stomach

Digestive Issues

Did you know that 70% of our immune systems are in our gut?  A healthy digestive system is often key to good health.  Chinese medicine can be useful in treating chronic stomach aches, pain, diarrhea, constipation, reflux, vomiting, or colitis.

girl blowing a pinwheel

Respiratory/Immunity Issues

Asthma, allergies, frequent colds, ear infections, sinus infections, and lowered immunity are all successfully addressed by Chinese medicine. Chinese Medicine can address both acute conditions and focus on building the immune system to lesson occurrences.

girl scratching her arm

Skin Issues

Chinese medicine can be a useful intervention for acne, rashes, and eczema.

baby sleeping soundly

Sleep Issues

Insomnia, bed wetting, sleep walking, growing pains, and lethargy can all be addressed with Chinese Medicine.

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